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Why Sex Can Sometimes be Funny

There are a lot of people who would think of sex as something that is fun and exciting. It can be hot and heavy at times. When it is being portrayed on television, it usually looks sexy and believable. When you are doing it in real life though, you cannot help but laugh at some of the things that actually happen while you are having sex.

Why Sex Can Sometimes be Funny

Why Sex Can Sometimes be Funny

Are there some instances wherein you have become embarrassed while you are having sex? It is likely that you are on top and you would start to realize that your boobs are swaying too much. This can be enough to make you laugh although you may try your hardest not to show it so that the mood will not change.

Still, it cannot be denied that sex can be funny. You may have tried your hardest to find out more details about what your partner likes. You may have checked His Secret Obsession Review so that you will know more about the things that he still likes to experience. You can talk about funny things with your partner or it can be something that you can track and laugh about when you are alone or when you are with your friends. It is likely that they also have some funny stories to tell.

When you think about it, sex can be very awkward. There bodies on top of each other doing different movements. You probably do not realize it when you are at this moment but some people are too observant and they laugh about it silently. These are just some of the funny things that you cannot deny:

  • The sound effects. The sounds that people make when they are having sex can be very sexy. It can be enough to turn on their partners more. The funny sound effects are those that are made by body fluids or the body itself as it tries to move in different ways. Having great background music can surely help mask the sound.
  • Losing your balance. How many times have you lost your balance while you are doing different sexual positions? As long as you will not hurt yourself, this is something that you and your partner will surely laugh about.
  • There are times when men would ejaculate almost everywhere. At times, they may be able to control their ejaculation so that it will not be too messy but at certain times, they will not be able to control where they would ejaculate. Some may ejaculate near the picture frame. Some may whizz through the door frame. It can be very funny when you think about it but it cannot be controlled. It always has to go somewhere.
  • Farts cannot be controlled at times. The movements that you do during sex may cause you to accumulate some excess gas that will surely come out of your anus while having sex with your partner. This is something that you can laugh about after.

Laughing whole having sex is always better as compared to having sex with someone who does not react at all. It can be hard to get turned on by someone who does not even make any effort to move.

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