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How to Become a Comedian

How to Become a Comedian

Making people laugh can seem like the easiest job out there until you get onto the stage and have an audience there staring at you as they wait for you to make them laugh. If you’re not ready for it, that could easily be the most intimidating situation that you have ever been in. it gets even worse if there are also some experienced comedians who have already performed and cracked the audience up. You need to be prepared to make the audience laugh, and that is the reason why in this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to become a successful comedian.

Make people laugh

Making people laugh is probably the hardest part. You might be able to make your friends laugh, but getting an audience to laugh is another matter. It is, however, a good place to start and with practice, you can become better and finally perfect in making audiences crack up even before they hear your jokes. To find best places to eat on a Night out with entertainment in Boston, click here.

Get on stage

This is another challenging part, getting on the stage and giving it a go. This will give you a feel of how it works, firsthand. You might have to deal with hecklers but you can always tell them to shut up. This is also the best way to gain confidence, and if you’re determined, a horrendous start won’t stop you.

How to Become a Comedian


Practice makes perfect, and that includes coming up with witty jokes quickly. With time you perfect it just the same way you would a muscle if you worked it often.

Tell hecklers to shut up

Most of the time, there are members of the audience that are slightly drunk, and they might heckle you. Instead of engaging them, simply tell them to shut up or ignore them. Something like, “Thank you for coming, please give other people a chance to listen,” is polite and will most likely work.

Get yourself on TV and online (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

Being on television or online platforms like YouTube and social media sites is the opportunity to be seen by many and one of the most effective ways of creating a brand and an audience.

Learn from other comedians

One of the best ways of learning the skill of comedy is from other established comedians by watching their performances. Note the sort of performances that turn audiences around and figure out how you can do the same. You can also get about best comedian on www.vulture.com/2018/11/best-new-comedians-to-watch-2018.html

Awards aren’t everything

You don’t have to win an award to consider yourself a successful comedian.

Find your own style

It is best to come up with your own style of comedy that people will relate with you. Everyone is born a little insanity in them, and everyone should look for it and channel it into comedy.

Avoid silly stage names

It would look awkward having a silly sounding name on a reality television show. The truth is that the name doesn’t really matter, but once you begin you might be stuck with it for the rest of your career.


The tips mentioned above should be able to help you kick start your career in comedy. It might sound a little intimidating but with the right mindset and determination, you can become a successful comedian.

Best Places to Eat in Boston on a Night out with Entertainment

Best Places to Eat in Boston on a Night out with Entertainment

Welcome to Boston, and if you’re reading this I know that you’re looking for something fun to do. Boston has a great nightlife and you can dance the night away with friends in this vibrant city. There are many good restaurants to keep your stomachs full, as well as plenty of pubs and nightclubs. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best places to eat in Boston on a night out with entertainment.

Alcove – West End

This is the perfect cocktail bar, owned by Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli. It has a stellar drink list and a menu that will leave you wanting more. Some of the foods on the menu include prosciutto with fried dough, crispy head-on shrimp with kaffir lime aioli, and radiatori with braised duck and collard greens. I can bet that you’re already mouthwatering.

Rebel Rebel Union Square – Bow Market

This is the perfect joint for obscure natural wines at great prices and displayed prominently. The place is owned by Laurel Friel, wine consultant who also has weekly Natural Wine 101 classes. This is more of a wine joint than an eating joint, but there are many food vendors in Bow Market.

Bar Lyon – South End

Just like the name suggests, this place offers Lyonnaise cuisine in the busy South End intersection.The décor of the restaurant resounds with classic Eastern France bouchons, and the price of the food and plate sizes are moderate. Click here to get more about Bar Lyon.

Best Places to Eat in Boston on a Night out with Entertainment

Shore Leave – South End

This is an underground bar with a moody beach bar décor consisting of bamboo wall trim, wooden shingles, palm fronds wallpaper. They offer assorted cocktailssuch as the Air-Conditioned Eden, and the namesake cocktail, which you get to drink in ceramic skulls and coconuts. Their food ispupu platter-inspired.

Kamakura – Downtown Crossing

This restaurant offers the Kaiseki cuisine, a Japanese cuisine whereby many different courses of meals are served on small plates. Some of the foods offered at Kamakura include seasonal sashimi, fig tempura, and Jonah crab shinjo. You also have the option of an a la carte menu, tasting menu, or the 12-course Kaiseki menu.

Some of the clubs that you can visit while in Boston include:

Royale – Theater District

This is the perfect place to dance the weekend away in a huge space complete with a grand stage, an elegant marble foyer, seating nooks that are cushy, great sounds, and a festive light show, among other things.

Icon Nightclub – Theater District

This place has more than 7,000 squarefeet of space to enjoy the booming Latin, house, and hip hop music. Get more about community centers in Boston on www.boston.gov/community-centers

Good Life – Downtown

This is a club that brings you many different scenes with the option to hang out upstairs or on the lounge, each with a different type of music.

Middlesex Lounge – Central Sq.

Listen to the DJ play vintage hip-hop, classic electro, and underground dance music.


Boston has a lot to offer in terms of food and entertainment and you could almost get spoiled for choice. The places that we have mentioned above are some of the ones you could try out, and please let us know how it goes.