How You Can Improve Your HumorHow You Can Improve Your Humor

Do you know that a lot of people find those with a sense of humor to be very attractive? You do not need to have movie-star looks in order to be appreciated. You can just be naturally funny and people will be drawn towards you.

A lot of people put so much effort into their appearance. They try to get a lot of details from so that they will know the right tools to use so that they can start putting on makeup better. They can also learn more details on how they can take care of their skin more. Being physically attractive is always a plus but people will usually make a more lasting impression if they have a great personality. A lot of people equate a great sense of humor to a good personality. The question is, how can you improve your humor?

Change Your Mindset

There are some people who just have the humor to make people laugh. Some studies say that those who may have had painful experiences are able to laugh at their situations better so they can come up with some jokes, puns, and cracks that other people will find funny. Just remember that changing your mindset does not mean that you are going to change yourself. You just have to look at the world in an entirely new perspective.

Amuse Yourself First

How can you make people laugh when you do not even know how to make yourself laugh? There are many situations wherein you may find yourself looking back and laughing at something that you did before. Hold that thought and remember the other times that you have thought you were crazy for doing some things. The more that you find yourself funny, the better. Just remember that if you find it funny, then it will be funny for some people too. Do not expect that everyone will find you funny but you are bound to find someone who will get your sense of humor.

Play on Words

There are a lot of people who try this and fail. Sometimes you just require more practice. At times, you just need to be with the right group of people. For example, when you are with a group of people that you have known since before and they ask you something that they already know the answer to, answer the opposite way and it might be enough to make them laugh. Yet, if you are with a group of people that you have just met and you answered the opposite because you were trying to be funny, they will not get the joke.

Find Humor in the Truth

There are some things that are true about yourself or your situation that can be strangely funny even if they are not supposed to be. When you are able to laugh at yourself, this also shows that you have accepted who you are. This can make it easier for you to have a lot of fun and just laugh.

Who knows, you may already be funny and you do not even realize it.

Can Comedians Qualify for Pre-Settlement Loans?Can Comedians Qualify for Pre-Settlement Loans?

The truth is that whether you are a comedian or not, regardless of your profession you may find yourself in a legal case. Most of the time the legal process is normally lengthy and may be inconvenient to you. Despite the legal process, life in a way has to move on. And you may find yourself in a financial need. In some cases, you may have a settlement that you are banking on which may take a long time. That is where pre-settlement funding comes in. The best part about pre-settlement loans is that even comedians who have a case can still qualify. The companies that give pre settlement loans will assess your situation then give you a loan accordingly. They don’t use credit checks or other procedures to determine whether to give you the loan or not. Some of the things worth noting about pre-settlement loans include:

They don’t do credit checks

Companies that offer pre-settlement funding for personal injuries do not rely on credit checks to determine whether you are eligible for the loan. They instead assess your case to know your probability of winning and the settlement funding that is expected. Normally the funding company normally gives 15-20% of the anticipated amount. They will not give you the full amount.

You don’t have to pay back if you lose the case

Unlike other kinds of loans, for pre-settlement loans if you lose out on the case you are not obliged to pay back. I know it sounds too good to be true but it is the truth. Perhaps that is the reason why they charge high interest rates because they are putting themselves at big risk by lending you money with the hope that you will not lose out on the case.

They charge high-interest rates

Unlike regular loans from financial institutions, pre-settlement loans charge a high-interest rate. That is because they are not even sure if you will win or lose out on your case and if you lose out on the case, they are the ones that will suffer the loss.

They do not take a long time to process

Contrary to popular belief, lawsuit loans do not take a long time to process. For most companies that do the funding, they take a maximum of 48 hours for you to get the funds. That clearly indicates that they are pretty convenient.

It is important to note that there are many companies that deal with pre settlement loans and they all have their terms and conditions. It is better to research deeper in order to choose the best company possible. The first step should be defining your needs then consulting with your lawyer to know more about your case and your probability of winning and settlement funding. Going through reviews of different companies helps a great deal as it helps you to know the experiences of other people with the company. If many people had a good experience with them, then you are likely to follow suit.

Why Sex Can Sometimes be FunnyWhy Sex Can Sometimes be Funny

There are a lot of people who would think of sex as something that is fun and exciting. It can be hot and heavy at times. When it is being portrayed on television, it usually looks sexy and believable. When you are doing it in real life though, you cannot help but laugh at some of the things that actually happen while you are having sex.

Are there some instances wherein you have become embarrassed while you are having sex? It is likely that you are on top and you would start to realize that your boobs are swaying too much. This can be enough to make you laugh although you may try your hardest not to show it so that the mood will not change.

Still, it cannot be denied that sex can be funny. You may have tried your hardest to find out more details about what your partner likes. You may have checked His Secret Obsession Review so that you will know more about the things that he still likes to experience. You can talk about funny things with your partner or it can be something that you can track and laugh about when you are alone or when you are with your friends. It is likely that they also have some funny stories to tell.

When you think about it, sex can be very awkward. There bodies on top of each other doing different movements. You probably do not realize it when you are at this moment but some people are too observant and they laugh about it silently. These are just some of the funny things that you cannot deny:

  • The sound effects. The sounds that people make when they are having sex can be very sexy. It can be enough to turn on their partners more. The funny sound effects are those that are made by body fluids or the body itself as it tries to move in different ways. Having great background music can surely help mask the sound.
  • Losing your balance. How many times have you lost your balance while you are doing different sexual positions? As long as you will not hurt yourself, this is something that you and your partner will surely laugh about.
  • There are times when men would ejaculate almost everywhere. At times, they may be able to control their ejaculation so that it will not be too messy but at certain times, they will not be able to control where they would ejaculate. Some may ejaculate near the picture frame. Some may whizz through the door frame. It can be very funny when you think about it but it cannot be controlled. It always has to go somewhere.
  • Farts cannot be controlled at times. The movements that you do during sex may cause you to accumulate some excess gas that will surely come out of your anus while having sex with your partner. This is something that you can laugh about after.

Laughing whole having sex is always better as compared to having sex with someone who does not react at all. It can be hard to get turned on by someone who does not even make any effort to move.

How to Make Your Presentation A Lot Less BoringHow to Make Your Presentation A Lot Less Boring

There are instances when you are doing your best to entertain your audience but it seems that no matter what you do, they cannot stop themselves from yawning or doing other things. It might make you feel inadequate as a speaker or as a performer. You cannot stop them from acting that way but you can definitely do things that will make them become more perky and lively.

Having a lively audience can be great. You will feel their enthusiasm about almost everything that you say. Some give such great performances that it would seem like people are watching some professional fights on the stage. Let us say that you are also thinking about protecting yourself so that you will just feel more confident in general. You can check out Combat Fighter Review. This will give you all of the details that you are searching for. Who knows? This can probably help you out.

These are some of the things that you can do so that your presentation will not be boring anymore:

  • Be specific about the things that you want to achieve through the presentation. It does not mean that just because you have said something, your audience will automatically get what you mean. Whether you are doing some stand-up comedy or you are giving a talk, there is still one moment that you have to take so that you can express yourself better. Make your audience feel that they can relate the things that you are saying
  • Tell some stories that the audience will be interested in. You have probably experienced a lot of things that you want to share with the rest of your audience. Make sure that you will modulate your voice. The more compelling the way that you tell the story, a lot less boring it would be to the audience. Sometimes, you can even tell stories that do not seem to be related to what you are trying to convey to the audience but the life lessons will be very helpful for sure.
  • If you are actually showing a presentation to people, it is best that you avoid placing bullet points. Still, this does not mean that you are going to place long paragraphs on your slides. Rather, the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you will add some images and words that you will explain to them in detail.
  • Make your audience laugh. Injecting humor into your presentation will be enough to make a lot of people happy. It can make them listen to you better and actually absorb what you are trying to say. At the end of the day, this is your goal: you want to make people understand what you want them to know.
  • Keep things short. Even if you can go on and on with making a speech and doing certain things, people will always tune out when what you are saying becomes too long. Keep things short and memorable.

Are you ready to wow your audience with the new tips you have learned to make presentations better?

Expert Tips for Organizing a Comedy EventExpert Tips for Organizing a Comedy Event

A comedy event, just like any other sow needs to be planned meticulously in order for it to be a success. There are many things that one has to consider when organizing the event such as the lighting, the expected size of the audience, the target audience, and the lighting among other things. In this article, we are going to take a look at some expert tips for organizing a comedy event.

Laying out the venue

The first step is getting a venue and reserving it. After that, you need to arrange it in the sitting style you prefer, so that it can accommodate as many people as possible, comfortably. Theater style will hold more people than cabaret style if the event is going to be sold out. Consider the aisles where the people will pass, leaving enough space for traffic, but not too wide to make it feel empty.

The stage area

The stage will be the focal point of the event and everyone should be able to see it and hear what the comedians are saying clearly. It should preferably be raised so that the audience is above the audience, but not too high so that the front row audience is comfortable looking up at the comedians. The backdrop should preferably be dark so as not to reflect the stage lights that will be facing the direction.

Stage lighting

Lighting is important for any stage event since it tends to pull the attention of the audience. Spotlights are some of the things that should be considered, and they should be angled. Avoid positioning the lights directly at the performers since they could blind them.


Having good quality sound is important for any performance and this includes good speakers and microphones. Wired microphones work best for comedians since they usually have a limitless range, and should have a range of 5 meters.

Before the show

It is important to do a rehearsal before the show so as to test everything and make sure they are in perfect working order.

During the show

Avoid things that can distract the audience during the show by doing things such as switching off unnecessary flashing lights, getting rid of any noises, prohibiting the use of mobile phones, and setting up a code of conduct during the performance.

After the show

Debrief and find out what needs to be improved during the next performance.

Ridgeline Roofers – Roof repair and replacement

The roofing is very important in any comedy venue. It should keep bad weather at bay, enhance the lighting, and ensure good quality sound. In this part of the article, we are going to take a look at Ridgeline Roofers. This is a Loudoun roofing company that deals in the repair and replacement of roofs, gutters, and siding in Virginia, mainly covering Ashburn, Sterling, and Purcellville. They offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all their jobs. Dealing in both commercial and residential jobs, they offer 24-hour emergency services and routine checks in Virginia.


The first thing to consider when planning a comedy show is the venue, which in most instances is held in a building with a hall. Ensure that the building is in perfect order, including the roof. You can call in Ridgeline Roofers to check the roof for any inconsistencies if you intend to hire the hall for a long term period.

5 Things in Your Life That Is Not To Be Joked About5 Things in Your Life That Is Not To Be Joked About

We all love someone that has a great sense of humor but there are some things that just shouldn’t be joked about.  Making jokes at the wrong time can make you seem rude and uncaring and there are lots of things in your life that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Here are a few things in your life that you shouldn’t be joking about.

1.     Home Insurance

It’s perfectly fine to joke about with insurance call center agents that just don’t take no for an answer – if your homeowners insurance in florida is in place with a good insurance company.  If not, then it is high time for you to start looking for a good insurance company. A home burglary or natural disaster is no joke.  These types of events can leave you devastated and can send you right back to square one.   With good home insurance, you will be protected through all sorts of disasters so you can recover in grace and move on with your life in ease.

2.     Health Insurance

Some health insurance policies are so ridiculously high you just cannot help but laugh.  But if you think that paying that monthly insurance fee is expensive then wait until you get ill.  Hospitalization, medical procedures, medication, and surgeries are extremely expensive and it is very risky to roam about life without insurance.  Many hospitals can and will refuse medical treatment unless you are able to provide cash up front for medical treatment.  With health insurance, you have coverage for these extremely costly procedures and you can recover with ease.

3.     Auto Insurance

Car accidents can happen so fast and the cost of replacing a wrecked car or of covering someone else’s expenses when you don’t have auto insurance can be very high.  Auto insurance protects you in case of terrible accidents and could be your ticket to a brand new car without the extra cost.

4.     Drinking and Driving

We all love to enjoy a few drinks on special occasions.  Alcoholic beverages are excellent for taking off the edge so you can relax and have some fun.  While it is perfectly fine to indulge in booze it isn’t fine to drive under the influence at all.  Don’t ever make a joke out of alcohol. Your life, the lives of those traveling along with you and the lives of others on the road is in your hands every time you get into your car.

5.     Your Personal Health

It is fine to joke about your weight and that delicious chock nut sundae you sneaked despite being on a diet.  But all in all, your health is no joke.  There is nothing more expensive in life than being ill. It is important for you to be serious about eating healthy and working out.  Being serious about your health can make life a lot easier and better for you.  When you feel good and look good you can do so much more, enjoy life much more and you will have the energy to take on so many more adventures.

How to Become a Comedian

How to Become a ComedianHow to Become a Comedian

Making people laugh can seem like the easiest job out there until you get onto the stage and have an audience there staring at you as they wait for you to make them laugh. If you’re not ready for it, that could easily be the most intimidating situation that you have ever been in. it gets even worse if there are also some experienced comedians who have already performed and cracked the audience up. You need to be prepared to make the audience laugh, and that is the reason why in this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to become a successful comedian.

Make people laugh

Making people laugh is probably the hardest part. You might be able to make your friends laugh, but getting an audience to laugh is another matter. It is, however, a good place to start and with practice, you can become better and finally perfect in making audiences crack up even before they hear your jokes. To find best places to eat on a Night out with entertainment in Boston, click here.

Get on stage

This is another challenging part, getting on the stage and giving it a go. This will give you a feel of how it works, firsthand. You might have to deal with hecklers but you can always tell them to shut up. This is also the best way to gain confidence, and if you’re determined, a horrendous start won’t stop you.

How to Become a Comedian


Practice makes perfect, and that includes coming up with witty jokes quickly. With time you perfect it just the same way you would a muscle if you worked it often.

Tell hecklers to shut up

Most of the time, there are members of the audience that are slightly drunk, and they might heckle you. Instead of engaging them, simply tell them to shut up or ignore them. Something like, “Thank you for coming, please give other people a chance to listen,” is polite and will most likely work.

Get yourself on TV and online (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

Being on television or online platforms like YouTube and social media sites is the opportunity to be seen by many and one of the most effective ways of creating a brand and an audience.

Learn from other comedians

One of the best ways of learning the skill of comedy is from other established comedians by watching their performances. Note the sort of performances that turn audiences around and figure out how you can do the same. You can also get about best comedian on

Awards aren’t everything

You don’t have to win an award to consider yourself a successful comedian.

Find your own style

It is best to come up with your own style of comedy that people will relate with you. Everyone is born a little insanity in them, and everyone should look for it and channel it into comedy.

Avoid silly stage names

It would look awkward having a silly sounding name on a reality television show. The truth is that the name doesn’t really matter, but once you begin you might be stuck with it for the rest of your career.


The tips mentioned above should be able to help you kick start your career in comedy. It might sound a little intimidating but with the right mindset and determination, you can become a successful comedian.

Best Places to Eat in Boston on a Night out with Entertainment

Best Places to Eat in Boston on a Night out with EntertainmentBest Places to Eat in Boston on a Night out with Entertainment

Welcome to Boston, and if you’re reading this I know that you’re looking for something fun to do. Boston has a great nightlife and you can dance the night away with friends in this vibrant city. There are many good restaurants to keep your stomachs full, as well as plenty of pubs and nightclubs. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best places to eat in Boston on a night out with entertainment.

Alcove – West End

This is the perfect cocktail bar, owned by Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli. It has a stellar drink list and a menu that will leave you wanting more. Some of the foods on the menu include prosciutto with fried dough, crispy head-on shrimp with kaffir lime aioli, and radiatori with braised duck and collard greens. I can bet that you’re already mouthwatering.

Rebel Rebel Union Square – Bow Market

This is the perfect joint for obscure natural wines at great prices and displayed prominently. The place is owned by Laurel Friel, wine consultant who also has weekly Natural Wine 101 classes. This is more of a wine joint than an eating joint, but there are many food vendors in Bow Market.

Bar Lyon – South End

Just like the name suggests, this place offers Lyonnaise cuisine in the busy South End intersection.The décor of the restaurant resounds with classic Eastern France bouchons, and the price of the food and plate sizes are moderate. Click here to get more about Bar Lyon.

Best Places to Eat in Boston on a Night out with Entertainment

Shore Leave – South End

This is an underground bar with a moody beach bar décor consisting of bamboo wall trim, wooden shingles, palm fronds wallpaper. They offer assorted cocktailssuch as the Air-Conditioned Eden, and the namesake cocktail, which you get to drink in ceramic skulls and coconuts. Their food ispupu platter-inspired.

Kamakura – Downtown Crossing

This restaurant offers the Kaiseki cuisine, a Japanese cuisine whereby many different courses of meals are served on small plates. Some of the foods offered at Kamakura include seasonal sashimi, fig tempura, and Jonah crab shinjo. You also have the option of an a la carte menu, tasting menu, or the 12-course Kaiseki menu.

Some of the clubs that you can visit while in Boston include:

Royale – Theater District

This is the perfect place to dance the weekend away in a huge space complete with a grand stage, an elegant marble foyer, seating nooks that are cushy, great sounds, and a festive light show, among other things.

Icon Nightclub – Theater District

This place has more than 7,000 squarefeet of space to enjoy the booming Latin, house, and hip hop music. Get more about community centers in Boston on

Good Life – Downtown

This is a club that brings you many different scenes with the option to hang out upstairs or on the lounge, each with a different type of music.

Middlesex Lounge – Central Sq.

Listen to the DJ play vintage hip-hop, classic electro, and underground dance music.


Boston has a lot to offer in terms of food and entertainment and you could almost get spoiled for choice. The places that we have mentioned above are some of the ones you could try out, and please let us know how it goes.

Best Places to Find Comedy in Boston

Best Places to Find Comedy in BostonBest Places to Find Comedy in Boston

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and it can be found in many different places. They also say that it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. This means that the next time you’re in Boston, you might want to look for something that can make you smile, laugh, and forget all of your problems. What better way is there to do that than to listen to comedy. It could be on television or even standup comedy on a stage. In this article, we are going to look at the best places to find comedy in Boston so as to make it easier for you the next time that you visit the city. These are comedy clubs that feature some of the best contemporary comedians in the country, who will have you laughing your socks off. Visit: to get about how to become a comedian.

ImprovBoston – Central Sq.

Located in Central Square, this is a non-profit institution has had an impact in the theater landscape in Boston since the early 1980s. the institution also organizes workshops, has a national touring company, and plays host to ImprovBoston’s annual Comedy Festival that is held in September every year.They have family shows that are at 4 pm, and adult shows that are at 11:30 pm. Snacks along with drinks such as sodas, beers, and wine are available at the institution.

Nick’s Comedy Stop – Bay Village

Established in 1977 when stand up and improv comedy was just getting off their feet, Nick’s is still one of the best places to catch local and national comedians every weekend. They have a full bar but don’t offer food, which can be gotten from nearby Abby Lane at a discount for Nick’s ticket-holders.

Comedy Connection at The Wilbur Theatre – Theater District

This is the biggest venue in Theatre District and is responsible for hosting some of the biggest comedic talents in the country, featuring all sorts of comic acts. Learn more about comedy places in Boston.

Best Places to Find Comedy in Boston

City Winery – West End

Get to enjoy comedy in both the main room and the Haymarket Lounge by some of the top comedy acts in the country.

Laugh Boston – Seaport District

This is another joint where you’ll come across veterans and newbies, including the recurring Boston comic Ken Reid. The club features a bar, snacks, sandwiches, and desserts. The performances are on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Improv Asylum – North End

This club is for new talent and the younger sister to Laugh Boston. Classes are offered for people that are aspiring to become comics. They also have a corporate training program, as well as shows every night. Click here to get about more comedy shows.

The Rozzie Square Theater – Roslindale

This theater not only has strong education and community programs, but it is also home to ComedySportz Boston and The Riot Theater Company. These are two improv and sketch comedy organizations that are owned locally. They have both adult and family shows.

Dick Doherty’s Comedy Den – Downtown

Enjoy food and drinks as you watch local comedy.


Those are some of the clubs or theaters where you can enjoy both local and national comedy when visiting Boston. You can take the kids to the family shows or opt to attend the adult shows without the kids.